Grundfos SP 4″ Submersible Motor – Single Phase 240V

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Grundfos SP 4″ Submersible Motor – Single Phase 240V

Grundfos have been making submersible motors for more than 30 years and is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-quality submersible motors. The MS submersible motors are not only rated among the very best on the market for use with submersible pumps of any make, they are also designed to be the perfect fit for the SP pumps, matching their best duty points.

Grundfos MS submersible motors are designed according to market standards. All Grundfos 4″, 6″ and 8″ MS motors are designed to fit pump ends manufactured according to NEMA standards. The motors are ideally suited for water supply pumps for irrigation, groundwater regulation, pressure boosting, indu

The motors are suited for use in clean, thin, nonflammable, non-combustible or non-explosive liquids not containing solid particles or fibres. The maximum sand content of the pumped liquid must not exceed 50/100/150 g/m3. The N, R and RE motor versions are designed for liquids with higher aggressiveness than that of drinking water


  • Water supply pumps for irrigation
  • Industrial water transfer and similar applications
  • Drip micro spray
  • Frost protection
  • Irrigation groundwater supply
  • Pivot pressure boosting


  • A complete motor range
  • 4″ motors, single-phase from 0.37 to 2.2 kW:  2-wire, 3-wire & PSC (permanent split capacitor)
  • High motor efficiency
  • Built-in Tempcon temperature sensor for protection against overtemperature
  • Built-in cooling chambers
  • Protection against upthrust
  • Lightning protection
  • Reduced risk of short-circuit

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