Grundfos CM Booster Self-Priming Pressure Pump

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Grundfos Self-Priming Pressure Pump – CMB-SP Booster

The Grundfos CMBooster Self-Priming Pump is a compact booster pump designed for domestic and light industrial use. The booster unit consists of a robust multistage centrifugal pump and a generator friendly PM1 or PM2 Pressure Manager.

The Pressure Manager allows the pump to start and stop automatically according to demand and protects the pump from dry running. The CM Booster SelfPriming is the perfect solution if you are struggling with insufficient mains pressure, and can also be used with above or below ground water sources.

The Grundfos CM Booster self-priming pump with PM2 pressure manager is a compact booster solution for water supply in domestic applications. The pressure booster unit consists of a Grundfos CM self-priming pump and a Grundfos PM2 pressure manager. The pressure manager allows the pump to start and stop automatically according to demand and protects the pump from dry running. The CM Booster self-priming pump can create a suction lift of up to 8 m, and it is very easy to install. When the booster has been connected to the pipework, just plug it into a socket, and the system is operational.


  • Self-Priming With a suction lift of up to 8 metres (self-priming up to 4 metres), the CM Booster Self-Priming is ideal for pressurising water from above or below ground water sources.
  • Robust Design All wetted parts are made from high quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel to ensure the longest life possible.
  • User-Friendly Interface The pump features a user-friendly interface with LED indicators displaying power status, pump running, alarm indication and pressure indication (excluding CMB-SP 1-36).
  • Protective Features The pump incorporates a range of protective features such as; dry run protection, thermal overload protection, cycling alarm and maximum continuous operation time – 30 mins (excluding CMB-SP 1-36) to protect the pump and ensure a long life.
  • Easy Installation The booster unit is a compact and adaptable solution, which makes it suitable for most installations. Simply connect the inlet and outlet and adjust the start pressure to suit individual requirements and you have a fully operational booster unit.
  • Integrated Non-Return Valve Non-return valve for backflow prevention.


  • System Pressure Max. 10 bar
  • Liquid Temperature 0 °C to 60 °C
  • Ambient Temperature Max. 55 °C
  • Relative Air Humidity Max. 95 %


  • Mains Voltage 1 x 240 V, 50 Hz
  • Enclosure Class IP55
  • Insulation Class F
  • Sound Pressure Level 55 dB
  • Start/Stop Frequency Max. 100per hour
  • Approvals and Markings ASNZ4020, CE


  • Mains boosting
  • Household water supply
  • Boosting from above ground water tanks
  • Boosting from below ground water sources e.g. below ground tank/dam
  • Light industrial use


All Grundfos products come with a 2-year warranty that fully complies with legal requirements.

The warranty covers product and material defects which are not the results of normal wear and tear for a period of 24 months from the date of delivery. The warranty period may not, however, exceed 30 months from the date of production.

Warranty claims will be rejected in the following situations:

If the defect in the product arises from:

  • any drawing, design or specification supplied by the customer/purchaser
  • modifications undertaken by the customer/purchaser or a third party without the consent of Grundfos

If a defect is caused by:

  • normal wear and tear
  • inadequate maintenance or faulty repair by others than Grundfos
  • failure to observe the operating instructions
  • over-loading
  • use of any unsuitable material
  • the effects of chemical or electrolytic action
  • building or assembly work not undertaken by Grundfos
  • other reasons beyond Grundfos’ control.

As a general rule, Grundfos will not accept to pay transportation/replacement/installation costs for faulty products.


98507562 CMB-SP-1-36 Self Priming Pressure Pump 0.5kW with PM1 Controller
98507627 CMB-SP-3-28 Self Priming Pressure Pump 0.5kW with PM2 Controller
98507628 CMB-SP-3-37 Self Priming Pressure Pump 0.5kW with PM2 Controller
98507629 CMB-SP-3-47 Self Priming Pressure Pump 0.5kW with PM2 Controller
98507630 CMB-SP-3-56 Self Priming Pressure Pump 0.67kW with PM2 Controller
98507635 CMB-SP-5-28 Self Priming Pressure Pump 0.5kW with PM2 Controller
98507636 CMB-SP-5-47 Self Priming Pressure Pump 0.9kW with PM2 Controller

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