VillaMate – JSL60PC Stainless Steel Jet Pump – 0.8hp

Product Code: JSL60PC

JSL60PC – 0.6kw/0.8hp Stainless Steel Jet Pump With Kit-PC4

The JSL Series are the perfect household pressure pumps which deliver strong and even pressure.

Reliable and efficient, these horizontal 304 Stainless Steel self-priming jet pumps are a cost-effective solution for domestic rainwater tanks or whole house supply. The JSL Series are available as bare pumps or with an automatic pressure controller for easy installation.

Stainless Steel Jet Pumps JSL60PC JSL101PC

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Australians commonly use jet pumps, which are non-submersible pumps mounted above ground. To produce drinkable water or household water supply, they are often utilised to pull groundwater reservoirs below the pump through a sump. In regions with high water tables or warmer temperatures, jet pumps tend to be more prevalent. Residences, vacation homes, and irrigation or sprinkler systems are just a few of the sites where this water is used.

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