Grundfos ALPHA2 Cast Iron Speed Regulated Circulator Pumps

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Grundfos ALPHA2 Cast Iron Speed Regulated Circulator Pumps 230v 1 1/2″ M Pipe Size

Product Description

Grundfos ALPHA2 circulator pumps are designed for heating and air conditioning systems. They feature AUTOADAPT that continuously adapts the pump to system demands for optimal comfort, low energy consumption as well as simple commissioning.

Suitable for:

  • Commercial heating
  • Commercial hot water recirculation
  • Domestic hot water recirculation
  • Domestic heating
  • Industrial heating

Inline Cast Iron Circulator Pump for heating applications Cast Iron for heating

Permanent magnet motor controlled by frequency converter for optimised energy saving with the patented AUTOADAPT function.

High efficiency canned-rotor circulator, designed for circulating liquids in domestic heating systems. With a world-class energy efficiency index (EEI) well below the ErP benchmark it ensures substantial energy savings.

If you are concerned about reliability, the ALPHA2 canned rotor circulator pump takes reliability in small domestic circulators to new heights. Even in systems where the operational environment is a challenge, the ALPHA2 will ensure long-lasting trouble-free operation with reduced risk of blockage. Although small in size, the ALPHA2 is the toughest domestic circulator around and is perfect for domestic buildings.

The ALPHA2 offers easy hydronic balancing using the ALPHA READER and GO BALANCE app, less blocking and best-in-class energy efficiency. AUTOADAPT automatically adjusts the pump to system demands for optimum comfort and lowest energy consumption. This adds up to a robust pump offering unrivalled energy-efficiency and easy installation that covers both your heating demands and most of your air-conditioning and demands.


AUTOADAPT which provides the ultimate comfort levels with the lowest possible energy consumption and makes the commissioning safe and easy

  • Night-setback function which saves energy
  • Manual Summer mode saves energy during summertime and ensure safe start in the heating season
  • Intuitive one-button operation makes selection of any control mode simple
  • No external motor protection required reducing installation time
  • High-torque start improves startup under harsh conditions
  • Maintenance free due to canned-rotor design and use of robust components
  • ALPHA plug makes electrical installation quick and easy
  • Insulating shells are supplied with pumps to minimize heat loss in heating systems

The AUTOADAPT function continuously adjusts the pump performance to the actual heat demand, i.e. the size of the system and the changing heat demand during the year. The function will find the setting that provides optimal comfort with minimal energy consumption. It contributes to fast, safe and easy commissioning.

In addition, the pump also features three control modes – each with three settings

  • proportional-pressure control
  • constant-pressure control
  • constant-curve mode
Additional Details

The display shows the actual power consumption in Watts or actual flow in m3/h as well as alarms and warnings. LEDs indicate the actual operating status.

The night-setback function, when enabled automatically reduces the motor speed to save energy. The changeover depends on a change in the flow-pipe temperature.

Manual summer mode; once enabled, the pump is automatically started frequently at low speed to avoid blocking the rotor. At the same time, it saves energy.

The pump is of the canned-rotor type, which means that the pump and motor form an integral unit. The bearings are lubricated by the pumped liquid ensuring maintenance-free operation. The pump features dry-running protection.

The pump has a ceramic shaft and radial bearings, carbon thrust bearing, stainless-steel rotor can, bearing plate and rotor cladding, composite impeller, all of which contribute to long life.

The pump is self-venting through the system, which contributes to easy commissioning. The compact design featuring pump head with integrated control box and control panel fits into most common installations.

Technical Details

ALPHA2-25-60 – 130 MM

Port to Port – 130 mm

Pipe Connection – 1″ F

ALPHA2-25-60 – 180 MM

Port to Port – 180 mm

Pipe Connection – 1″ F

Grundfos Go

Easy hydronic balancing from your smartphone

From the moment the circulator is installed and connected via the ALPHA READER, you are guided quickly and easily through every step of flow-based hydronic balancing in the Grundfos GO BALANCE app.

Dry-running protection during start-up and normal operation makes sure the pump will never run without liquid in the system.

AUTOADAPT automatically finds the best pump setting to maximise comfort and minimise energy consumption in Radiator, Underfloor, and Radiator + underfloor modes, or use incremental set point adjustment with user-specific control modes for Constant pressure, Proportional pressure and Constant curve.

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