Grundfos 50mm Crusader Flexibore 100 Series Flexible Rising Main

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Grundfos 50mm Crusader Flexibore 100 Series Flexible Rising Main

Simplified bore water retrieval – Bore water retrieval can be a difficult task and only recently, it has been simplified with modern flexible hose technology. Our revolutionary Flexibore® flexible rising main ensures simple and effective bore water retrieval. This layflat bore hose can be installed and retrieved with great ease compared to rigid pipes.

Flexibore® is constructed by integrating thermoplastic polyurethane into a woven textile fabric of high tenacity polyester. The heavy-duty internal fabric gives the hose flexibility and great tensile strength in one continuous length. Since Flexibore® hose can sustain both the submersible pump and water weight, no safety cable is required. Flexibore® is a flexible riser that will suit many borehole applications and is compatible with most submersible pumps.

Our flexible bore water hose is totally corrosion and microbiological damage resistant and will not succumb to iron bacteria build-up.

  • Bore water pumping.
  • Lowering groundwater table in mines.


  • Easy to install and retrieve
  • Secure and easy-to-fit coupling
  • Simple power cable attachment
  • No iron bacteria build-up
  • Continuous length


What methods are recommended to safely install the pump using Flexibore Rising Main? – There are 3 recommended methods for safely installing pumps with Flexibore® : vehicle assisted, crane assisted, and hand assisted. The method chosen will depend on the bore depth, pump weight and access space.

How do i fit the Flexibore couplings to the hose? – Flexibore® couplings are designed to be fitted onto the hose during installation. Once the coupling has been attached to the pump, the hose is pushed onto the coupling tail; 2x 3-piece clamp sets are then securely fastened around the hose using an Allen key.

How do i secure the power cable to the hose? – There are 2 methods to secure the power cable to the hose: Crusader Hose-approved heavy-duty cable ties & polyurethane straps.

Do i need to use safety cable with Flexibore? – As long as the total weight of the pump and cable falls within the safety margin of the max tensile load, then no safety cable is required. If the total weight is higher than the recommended max tensile load, please contact us to discuss safety cable usage.

Flexibore® 100
Nominal Size (inches) 1-1/4” 2”
Internal Diameter (mm) 32 51
Burst Pressure (bar) 70 46
Max. Recommended Operating Head (m) 100 100
Peak Tensile Load (tonnes) 2.0 3.0
Max. Recommended Tensile Load (tonnes) 0.8 1.2
Weight of Flexibore® (kg per metre) 0.33 0.48
Outer Diameter of Coupling (mm) 65 90
Weight of Stainless-Steel Coupling (kg) 0.6 1.7
Fitting Bolt Torque 30Nm 40Nm
Weight of Water at 10% Swell (kg per metre) 1.00 2.4
Max. Flow Rate (litres per second) 2 6
Maximum Operating Temperature 40˚C
Water pH Range 4 to 9
Maximum Diametric Swell 10%
Average Extension 1%
Safety Factor 2.5:1

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