Grundfos CU 200 Control Unit for SQ Flex

Product Code: 96625360

Grundfos CU 200 Control Unit for SQ Flex (Max 8 AMPS)

The CU 200 control unit is a combined status, control and communication unit especially developed for the SQFlex system. Furthermore, the CU 200 enables connection of a level switch.

The CU 200 incorporates cable entries for;

  • power supply connection,
  • pump connection,
  • earth connection,
  • level switch connection.

Communication between the CU 200 and the pump takes place via the pump power supply cable. This is called mains borne signalling (or Power Line Communication), and this principle means that no extra cables between the CU 200 and the pump are required. It is possible to start, stop and reset the pump by means of the on/off button.

The CU 200 control unit offers:

  • System monitoring
  • Alarm indication.

The following indications allow the operation of the pump to be monitored:

  • Water reservoir is full (level switch)
  • Pump is running
  • Input power.

The CU 200 offers the following alarm indications:

  • Dry running
  • Service needed in case of:
    • no contact to pump
    • overvoltage
    • overtemperature
    • overload.
  • Insufficient energy supply.

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