Grundfos CU301 Controller for Communication with SQE Pumps

Product Code: 96438897

Grundfos CU301 Controller for Communication with SQE Pumps

CU 301 are designed for communication, monitoring and control of SQE submersible pumps in constant pressure applications.

The Grundfos CU 301 is a control and communication unit developed for the SQE submersible pumps for applications where a constant pressure is required.

The CU 301 provide full control of the SQE pumps and enables the system to maintain a constant pressure within the maximum pump performance in spite of a varying water consumption. The pressure is registered by the pressure sensor and transmitted to the CU 301. The CU 301 adjusts the pump performance accordingly.

The CU 301 control unit provides the following:

  • Two-way communication with the SQE pumps.
  • Possibility of adjusting the pressure.
  • Alarm indication of pump operation by diodes on the front.
  • Possibility of starting, stopping and resetting the pump simply by means of a push-button.

The CU 301 communicates with the pump via mains-borne signaling (Power Line Communication), meaning that no extra cables are required between the CU 301 and the pump.

The CU 301 indicates the following alarms:

  • No contact,
  • Overvoltage,
  • Undervoltage,
  • Dry running,
  • Speed reduction,
  • Overtemperature,
  • Overload,
  • Sensor alarm.

The CU 301 incorporates the external signal input for pressure sensor and connection to an operating relay for enabling aeration or chlorination during pump operation. As well a safety relay to disconnect the SQE submersible pump during communicating failure, it will then operate in pressure switch mode if the pump is still running and until communication to the pump has been restored.

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