Grundfos PMRain Rainwater Switch Over Device

Product Code: 98096939

Grundfos PMRain Rainwater Switch Over Device with 1.5m Mains Cable

The Grundfos PM Rain is an interconnect device that allows you to utilize harvested rainwater for toilet, laundry and garden applications, with the added benefit of mains water back-up. The PM Rain is used together with a Grundfos pump. The pump is only started when rainwater is being drawn from the rainwater collecting tank. It does not operate when switched to mains water supply. The PM Rain automatically starts when a water demand is detected, for example the flushing of a toilet or filling of a washing machine, and will switch over to mains water supply when the rainwater tank is empty or in case of an electrical failure.

  • Easy installation – The PM Rain incorporates a specially designed valve, which eliminates the need for a level sensor in the rainwater tank. This reduces installation time and cost.
  • Certified for drinking water – The PM Rain is WaterMark approved, and suitable for direct plumbing with main water.
  • User-friendly display – The PM Rain features a user-friendly display with LED indicators showing pump on, warning and indication of whether water is drawn from the rainwater tank or mains water supply.
  • Protective functions – The PM Rain incorporates functions which protect both the pump and the installation. These protective functions are dry-running protection, cycling alarm.
  • Backflow prevention – PM Rain features dual non-return valve for the mains water supply. This ensures that there will be no backflow into the mains supply eliminating the risk of contamination.

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