Grundfos SEG Submersible Grinder Pump for Wastewater 240v

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Grundfos SEG Autodapt Submersible Grinder Pump for Wastewater with 10m Cable 240v Singe Phase

Submersible Grundfos SEG sewage grinder pumps (0.9-4 kW) are designed for pumping wastewater, sludge-containing water, and sewage. Fitted with a patented grinder system designed to grind the media.

Grundfos SEG AUTOADAPT pumps are submersible pumps with horizontal discharge port, specifically designed for pressurized pumping of wastewater with discharge from toilets. The SEG AUTOADAPT pumps are equipped with a grinder system, grinding destructible solids into small pieces so that they can be led away through pipes of a relatively small diameter.

The surface of the pump is smooth to prevent dirt and impurities from sticking to the pump. The pump is primarily made of cast iron. The clamp securing the motor to the pump housing is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and allow for ease of service of the pump. The power cable of the pump also incorporates wires for the thermal sensors in the motor winding. The cable connection is a plug solution. The totally sealed plug connection prevents moisture from entering the pump through the cable in case of cable breakage or adverse and/or careless handling of the pump cable.

The Grundfos SEG AUTOADAPT pumps incorporate a controller, sensors and motor-protection. They only need to be connected to the mains supply. If several pumps are installed in the same tank, the control logic incorporated in the pump will ensure that the load is distributed evenly among the pumps over time.

  • Alarm relay output.

The pump incorporates an alarm relay output. NC and NO are available and can be used as required, for example for acoustic or visual alarms.

  • Random start delay in case of general power shutdown.
  • Self-calibration after each pump cycle.
  • Anti-seizing system.

The anti-seizing system start the pump at programmed intervals to prevent the impeller from seizing. This function is valid as long as the dryrun sensors are submerged in the media for the Ex versions.

The Grundfos CIU unit can be connected permanent or temporarily for changing the pre-setting, further settings or read out from the logging and operation parameters like no. of starts and operating hours.

Another innovative patent in our AUTOADAPT pumps is a new way of controlling the motor current during start up. The result of this bring us a much higher starting tourque for the 1-phase motors than a conventional motor starter using start capacitor.

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