Grundfos Unilift AP35B Submersible Drainage Vortex Pump for Dirty Water

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Grundfos Unilift AP35B Submersible Drainage Pumps with 10m Cable 240v

Grundfos UNILIFT AP35B are stainless-steel submersible pumps designed for pumping effluents (excluding toilet discharge), with particles up to 35 mm. The pump is suitable for installation on auto coupling, allowing for easy access to the pump for maintenance and other purposes.

Vertical single-stage stainless steel submersible pump with integrated submersible 1-phase motor. The pump is fitted with ring stand and carrying handle and is supplied with a 5 m mains cable and a level switch for automatic start and stop. The impeller is a V impeller for 35 mm free passage suitable for pumping surface water, groundwater, wastewater and similar. The pump has a double shaft seal and an intermediate oil chamber pre-filled with non-toxic special oil. The motor is insulation class F with thermal overload protection and has long-life deep-groove greased-for-life ball bearings. The pump has R 2″ discharge port and is ready for installation either free-standing or on an auto-coupling system.


Model Number Model Name
‘96432501 Grundfos Submersible Drainage Pumps- UNILIFT AP35B-50-06-A1V
‘96432503 Grundfos Submersible Drainage Pumps- UNILIFT AP35B-50-08-A1V

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