Grundfos CRFLEX Solar Surface Pumps

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GRUNDFOS CRFLEX Solar Surface Pumps

The Grundfos CRFlex in-line multi-stage solar surface pump is designed for renewable energy supply and can operate in remote areas lacking mains electricity. Powered by a solar panel, the system is especially suitable for supplying water in applications such as the watering of livestock, pressure boosting and irrigation.

The CRFlex solar surface pump comes with the MGFlex motor. We can deliver a complete solution including solar panels, IO 50 switch box, level switch for the water reservoir, water pipe, non-return valve and optional dry-running switch. This solution offers the benefits of easy installation, maintenance confined to periodic cleaning of the solar panels and a few, simple components.

The Grundfos CR Flex is a multi-stage centrifugal, in-line, non-self priming surface pump specifically designed for water transfer, irrigation and pressure boosting in solar powered applications. It is fitted with the advanced MG Flex variable frequency driven motor that offers the following features:

  • Runs at varying speeds depending upon the energy input available.
  • Can be used for DC or AC power supply and can therefore be connected to either PV solar modules, a standby AC generator or mains power supply as required.
  • Built in protection for under and over voltage and system overload. No additional protection is therefore required.
  • One set of terminals included for either high or low level control functions. Three models are available, all powered by the same 1250 W motor providing a selection of head and flow outputs depending on application.


Model Number Model Name
98415305 CRNF1-17 Flex
98415330 CRNF3-11 Flex
98415331 CRNF5-6 Flex
98415335 CRNF10-02 Flex
98415336 CRNF15-01 Flex
98729935 PT100 Sensor & Fittings Kit – Suit 0.37kW to 11kWmotors – 20m length

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