Grundfos Hydro MPC-E Automatic Variable Speed Pressure Boosting Pump – Single Phase

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Grundfos Hydro MPC-E Automatic Variable Speed Water Pressure Boosting Pump – Single Phase

Grundfos Hydro MPC-E Automatic Variable Speed Pressure Boosting Pump – Single Phase The Grundfos Hydro MPC-E Packaged Pump System is a complete pump set with pumps, valves, suction and discharge manifolds, mounted on a common base. The pump system includes a Control panel designed to Grundfos specification. The Pressure booster system is supplied as compact assembly according to DIN standard 1988/T5.

  • Hydro MPC-E maintains a constant pressure through continuous adjustment of the speed of the pumps irrespective of the flow rate
  • The system performance is adapted to the demand through cutting in/out the required number of pumps and through parallel control of the pumps in operation i.e. cascade.
  • Pump changeover is automatic and depends on load, time and fault.

The Grundfos Hydro MPC-E boosting Package is comprised of the following components:

  • Pump
    • Parts in contact with the pumped liquid are manufactured in stainless steel EN DIN 1.4301.

Pump bases and heads are stainless steel (CRI). The pumps are equipped with a service-friendly cartridge shaft seal, HQQE (Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide/ EPDM). Pumps are fitted motors, the Grundfos MGE IE5 premium efficiency permanent magnet motors to 11kw and High efficiency IE3 MGE motors 15-22 kW.

  • Manifolds – Two manifolds of stainless steel EN DIN 1.4301 and incorporate loose-ring, epoxy coated, aluminium inlet/outlet flanges to DIN dimension.
  • Modular base frame – Pumps are mounted to a common base frame (5 and six pump packages may be split) manufactured in either folded and welded stainless steel or hot dip galvanized fabricated mild steel (system size dependant).
  • One non-return valve (POM) and two isolating valves for each pump.

Dry-running protection and diaphragm tank are available according to the list of accessories. Pump operation is controlled by Control MPC with the following functions:

  • Intelligent multi-pump controller, CU 352.
  • Constant pressure control through continuously variable adjustment of the speed of each individual pump.
  • PID controller with adjustable PI parameters (Kp + Ti).
  • Constant pressure at setpoint, independent of inlet pressure.
  • On/off operation at low flow.
  • Automatic cascade control of pumps for optimum efficiency.
  • Selection of min. time between start/stop, automatic pump changeover and pump priority.
  • Automatic pump test function to prevent idle pumps from seizing up.
  • Possibility of standby pump allocation.
  • Possibility of backup sensor (redundant primary sensor).
  • Manual operation.
  • Display of individual pump run hours
  • Soft pressure build-up
  • Internal time clock based operation
  • Possibility of external setpoint influence
  • Log function
  • Setpoint Ramp
  • Possibility of digital remote-control functions:
  • System on/off,
  • Max., min. or user-defined duty
  • Up to 6 alternative setpoints.
  • Digital inputs and outputs can be configured individually.
  • Pump and system monitoring functions:
  • Minimum and maximum limits of current value
  • Inlet pressure
  • Motor protection.
  • Sensors and cables monitored against malfunction.
  • Alarm log with the previous 24 warnings/alarms, time & date stamped.
  • Display and indication functions:
  • Colour Screen display
  • Green indicator light for operating indications and red indicator light for fault indications
  • Potential-free changeover contacts for operation and fault.
  • Grundfos Bus communication options via Grundfos CIM.
  • Optional Grundfos Remote Management (GRM)

Booster system includes panel door mounted system emergency stop button and the additional IP602 panel that includes the following features:

  • Easy navigation via intuitive push buttons
  • Individual pump run & fault LED’s
  • System alarm LED
  • Multifunction pump liquid temperature display
  • Input facility to connect optional pump liquid temperature sensors
  • Pump liquid temperature protection, if optional sensors connected
  • Phase failure indication when optional phase failure protection is included
  • Alarm reset/mute of audible alarm button


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