Pump Accessories

A wide range of accessories for all water pump requirements for commercial and residential needs. These products include:

Pressure Tanks

A pressure tank (or pressure vessel) is a cost-effective product that helps protect your pump and provides you with a good constant pressure and water flow no matter the application: industrial, domestic or agricultural.

When installed on the delivery side of the pump, a pressure tank will help to ensure even pressure is maintained in your system. This will minimise the amount of pump stop/starts which can cause motor damage and uses a lot of electricity.

Aquafos pressure vessels are suited for all water systems. These pressure vessels are constructed of a polypropylene liner combined with high grade butyl diaphragm to isolate water and air, providing a closed system for drinking water preventing the growth of bacteria and vermin intrusion. The cast stainless steel water connection is used for corrosion resistance.

All tanks are quality tested to ensure the structural integrity and require virtually no maintenance.

The Wellmate – WM Series of Fibrewound pressure vessels offer features and benefits steel tanks just cannot match. The Wellmate Series features corrosion proof lightweight composite construction, easier maintenance and less expensive installation. Their unmatched durability makes them maintenance-free and the preferred choice for professionals.

Pressure gauges

Brass fittings

Pressure switches

A pressure switch opens or closes a corresponding switch contact as soon as a preset pressure is reached.

Depending on the requirement, pressure switches are used with mechanical or electrical switch contacts and with various setting possibilities.

Pressure Switch Quick Kit easily converts your pump from a bare unit (#2 motor lead) into an automatically operated pump with the introduction of a mechanical pressure switch and tank assembly (tank sold separately).

A pressure switch is a mechanical device that relies on air pressure to control the operation of an electric air compressor. This simple mechanism completes the circuit and allows power to the motor as long as system pressure is below a specified setting.

Electronic controllers

The Electronic Controllers will stop the pump from running when there is loss of water supply which prevents the pump from running dry, preventing damage to your pump.

The electronic pressure controller connects to the discharge of the water pump and operates with an electronic circuit board to sense the pressure and flow in the system.

Fits most common water pumps.

Float switches

Submersible Cables

Stainless Steel drop wire

Pump Covers

Polyslab Pumpcover are the lightweight, recycled, eco-friendly, Australian made, wholly Australian owned, UV stabilised, durable and impact resistant solution you have been looking for.

Each Pumpcover includes a matching Polyslab base alleviating issues associated with the manual handling injury risks of heavy concrete and the wasting time trying to match a cover to an appropriate base. Fixing equipment to a Polyslab base is easy with no risk of splitting a slab while drilling.

The cover itself is easy to fabricate to your specific needs with simple cut and snap pipe entry points. The superior qualities of the polypropylene material itself lead to easy fabrication should you require pipe entry or adjustment outside of these standard guides and the hydrophobic nature of the material means that the base will not hold moisture, assisting in the prevention of “rusty feet” attacking your pumps integrity.

Pump Protection Devices

PILOT is an electronic device for the control of single-phase and three-phase motors (bore pump) that provides protection against:

Phase loss, excessive number of starts

The backlit LCD displays the running current, and PILOT stops the pump if the maximum value set by the user is exceeded. The maximum number of pump starts is also user selectable, and PILOT will stop the pump’s operation if this value is exceeded.

Dry running

The PILOT provides a display of the power factor value (P.F. or cosø) and allows the user to set a minimum threshold value for normal operation.

The PILOT will stop the pump below this value to protect against dry running.

The PILOT will make up to 5 automatic restart attempts following an alarm condition, at time intervals set by the user.

The PILOT stores the number of pump starts and total running hours in memory. The alarm history is also stored to assist with servicing.

The body is constructed entirely of aluminium, making PILOT extremely solid and easily cooled. The IP55 protection makes it possible to install PILOT even in humid and dusty environments.


The PILOT can be used for bore pump protection as well as above ground pumps

Pump Float Switch

Pump Float Switch

Stainless Steel Cable Clamps

Stainless Steel Cable Clamps