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Borehole Submersible Pumps

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Submersible pumps can operate while completely submerged underwater. These pumps are fully sealed to prevent water from entering the motor, with their main use being to transfer water, usually from an underground source, like a borehole or well, to a more desired location.

If you enjoy a natural source of water on your property, consider yourself lucky. This is a huge benefit to you and can be a real cost-saver especially during the drier, hotter months when you use far more water. You will however need a submersible pump to allow you to efficiently pump water from your underground source.

Whether you are a residential home owner or a commercial farmer, we have a bore pump to suit your needs. Bore water pumps will allow you to retrieve your underground water and transfer it to a large container that makes it easy for you to access.

The advantage of a submersible bore pump is that you can place it in the water itself, as they are completely water proof, and fully functional when submerged. Another benefit is that they are placed completely out of the way and are almost silent, without being any less effective. Made from stainless steel they are hardy, won’t rust and can work under high water pressure.

Submersibles can work with any underground water source as well as your garden fish pond and swimming pool. They are also effective with drain clearing and sewer systems. They are usually placed in the lowest part of your home, helping to prevent moisture build-up and prevent flooding. All our pumps are of high quality, come with a guarantee and are reliable and durable. They are also easy to maintain, repair and clean, meaning if you look after them properly they will last you for many years.

When it comes to your sewage system, no one wants to go down there, and by employing a submersible pump, you or your plumber can manage the effective removal of your household or commercial sewage. This is both more efficient and hygienic.

These pumps can cope effectively with blockages and are more likely to prevent issues that are not easy to solve. We have a range of these pumps, some designed for residential and some for commercial use.

Contact our consultants today, and we will assess what you need and advise accordingly. With our many years in the industry, we pride ourselves on providing workable solutions that are cost effective and long lasting.